Website of Ruth J. van Holst

With Wim van den Brink and Anneke Goudriaan I continue to investigate neuropsychological differences between pathological gamblers, alcohol dependent subjects and healthy controls with neuroimaging techniques.  See our site: (in Dutch).

Together with Roshan Cools and Guillaume Sescousse I study the relation of dopamine baseline synthesis capacity and reward sensitivity in pathological gambling and healthy controls.

In collaboration with Sebastiaan Overeem and Esther Aarts I am studying the role of orexin on food-related motivation and self-control in healthy people and patients with narcolepsy (who lack orexin). Additionally, Ingo Willuhn has recently become involved testing the role of orexin in goal-directed behaviour in mice. 

With Mael Lebreton and Judy Luigjes I investigate the role of meta-cognition in compulsive behaviour. 

My collaboration with Luke Clark included investigating how near-miss effects are related to abnormal functional connectivity in pathological gambling.